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I am a qualified and registered Homeopath, having studied an Advanced Diploma in Homoeopathy at Endeavour College of Natural Health.  Classical Homeopathy follows the system founded by Samuel Hahnemann in 1790 which has been effective in healing disease for well over 200 years, all over the world.

Homeopathy addresses the body’s own internal immune system, based on the law of similars to direct the body’s own healing ability. Homeopathy remedies are energetic medicines and therefore they are able to be used in conjunction with other treatments and medications without adverse effects.

Homeopathy can be effective for both acute and chronic conditions including complaints for digestive, respiratory, sleep, joint pain, inflammation, seasonal coughs and colds and emotional support.

The consultation process is very specific (the initial consult is 90 minutes) and focuses on understanding the individual ‘as a whole’ taking into consideration family history and lifestyle to determine the remedy best suited to the individual. Subsequent consultations are shorter and more targeted to presenting conditions.

Homeopathy is economical and suitable for the whole family from babies to adults and pregnant women.  My role as the homeopath is to listen, observe and facilitate your own innate healing potential and to help restore your wellbeing.

You can come and visit me every Tuesday at:

26 Thomas St West End 

Initial Consultation:  $135 including the remedy

Follow up Consultation: $80 plus $15 per remedy


Phone 0404 345 625 E-mail animabalance@yahoo.com Hours Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm
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