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As a qualified Nutritionist (BHSc Nutritional Medicine) my philosophy is based around eating local, whole foods, eliminating culprit foods without dieting and advising simple and tasty food options. I believe in the concept of intuitive eating, that is, trusting your body knows what it needs to stay healthy and strong. Today with our modern society and “life stresses” many people struggle to listen to their innate body and satisfaction usually comes in the form of a fast and many times non-nutritious food option. My role is to guide your journey and provide options to help you tune into your body’s needs so that it intuitively seeks foods which sustain a healthy and vibrant body.  Once you begin changing old food habits to healthier food habits you will feel and see the difference inside and outside of your body.


As part of my Nutrition program I offer the following:

Pantry Masterclass – learning how to upgrade your pantry and refrigerator items for healthier options

$125 per person (2 hour session)

For group bookings of up to 5 people there is a significant discount, please call me to discuss.

Add On:

Supermarket shopping guide (1 hour)                                        $80

Simple & fast healthy cooking demonstrations                         $50 (excluding groceries)


Phone 0404 345 625 E-mail Hours Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm
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